Past Speakers

April 21 - Kweethai Neill

Learning a new dance, the Coronavirus ZOOM

March 17 - Meeting cancelled due to coronavirus pandemic precautions

February 18 - Maeve O’Niell


January 21 - Violeta Kadieva

Mindfulness and Ethics of Self-care

December 17 - Lolly Wool

Somatic Experiencing

November 19 - Laura Foulds

Therapist Self Care

October 15 - Kathleen Sweeney

6 Principles of Sexual Health

September 17 - Wayne Martin


August 20 - Chris McMullen

Whole Person Addiction

July 16 - Eugenia Andrews


June 18 - Tracy Underwood

Narcissism, Nero, and Childhood Deprivation

April 16 - Katherine Ottone

Solution Based Hypnotherapy

May 21 - Mac Fuller

Face Reading

March 19 - Lesli Figueiredo

Freedom Reigns Equine Therapy

February 19 - Jayne Gardner

Divine Intelligence

2019 January 15 - Terry Stevens

The Enneagram

December 18 - Jerry Cosby

Saving Marriages

November 20 - Amelia Villagomez, MD

Accelerated Resolution Therapy: An Emerging Evidence-based therapy for PTSD

October 16 - Gary Dietz

Trauma and First Responders

First Responder Trauma
View in edit mode to see the presenter's notes that accompany many of the slides
First Responder Trauma.pptx
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September 18 - Jane Hardwick & Karen Derrick

What's your plan?

August 21 - Beth Boatman


July 17 - Yolanda Harper

True Colors Personality Assessment

True Colors Personality Assessment
A customized professional development workshop by Yolanda Harper
True Colors Personality Assessment.pdf
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June 19 - Dr. Gary Malone, Texas Health Resources

Adolescent LGBT: Approaches for educators and caregivers

Adolescent LGBT
Approaches for educators and caregivers
DR MALONE Adolescent LGBT.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 243.0 KB

May 15 - Chuck Holland

Therapeutic Ethics -Truth, Trust and Reality

April 17 - Laura Foulds

The Power of the Present Moment: More than Mindfulness

March 20 - Evonne Kaplan-Liss

Assistant Dean of Communications, UNT TCU Medical School

Teaching empathy to Physicians

February 20 - Matt Sessoms

Affair Recovery

Affair Recovery
How to define an affair. Strategies for addressing needs of the offender and the offended in the process of marriage recovery.
Matt Sessoms-Affair Recovery.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 68.1 KB

2018 January 16 - Russ Bartee

Ethics and Telehealth Counseling

Telehealth Counseling
PowerPoint slides drawn mostly from professional ethics standards by state and national organizations
TMH Presentation FWAAMFT Jan2018.pdf
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