December - Casey Green, M.D.

Psychopharmacology for Marriage and Family Therapy

November - Kweethai Neill, PhD, CHT

The Language of Change - Using the right words to help clients feel better

October - Rob & Reva Sheppard           

EMDR: A Powerful Modality for Marriage, Family, and Attachment Issues

September - Jerry Cosby

The Healing Power of Divorce Mediation

August - Michael Flores

Working With the Problem Teen

July - Russ Bartee

Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in Marriage and Family Therapy

June - Elliott Connie

Solution Building in Psychotherapy

May - Kari Rollins, DO

Integration or Eastern and Western Medicine with Adjunctive Therapies for Wellness

April - Dr. Glen Jennings

Family of Origin in Counseling

March - Dr. Scott Floyd

Ethics: The Uses and Misuses of Technology in Counseling

February - Dr. Mary Sue Green

Ethical Principles:What we Learned Back Then and What's Changed

2014 January - Sue Ireland (Janet)

Art Therapy